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Grants Policy

The Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the many networks and community groups that help to make a positive difference to Corsham as a vital place to live and work, for everyone. We know that the Council can make a difference through our grants process, but it is also important that we seek a relationship with many of these groups to explore other ways in which they can develop and grow as they need to.

At the discretion of the Council, grants are awarded to community organisations which demonstrate a clear need for financial support and contribute towards the vision and aims for Corsham. Projects and activities must have a specific benefit to residents of Corsham.

Our Vision:

‘Corsham will be the most desirable place in North Wiltshire to live, work and visit, with a safe, active, healthy and sustainable community based around a vibrant and useful town centre.’

Our Aims:

‘The Town Council aims to improve the quality of life in Corsham through encouraging an active, healthy and safe community, vibrant town centre and attractive environment managed in a sustainable way.’

The organisation applying for a grant must be not for profit or charitable. Grants will not be made to individuals and would not normally exceed 50% of the cost of the project or activity.

Grants will not be made retrospectively and only one application for a grant will be considered from each organisation in any one financial year (April to March).

The Town Council will expect to be informed of requests for grants exceeding £500 by September of the financial year prior to the funds being required in order that budget provision can be considered. Where an organisation requests a commitment of funds over a period of years an explanation of the reasons for medium term funding is required. The commitment to funding would not normally exceed four years. The Council may seek a meeting with the applicant to explore what the organisation is applying for and trying to achieve.

All organisations which receive a grant are required to submit a report to the Town Council on how the money was spent. A form is provided for this purpose.

The Town Council must be credited in any publicity arising as a result of the award of a grant.


  • The Grants budget will be set annually as part of the general budget setting process.
  • Subject to funds being available, applications will be invited throughout the year.
  • The Finance & General Purposes Committee will consider grant applications at least three times each financial year.
  • The scheme and any relevant deadlines will be publicised through notice boards, newsletter, press release, web-site and an advertisement in the local paper. Organisations will not automatically be written to on the basis of previous expressions of interest.
  • Applicants will be required to complete an application form and return it to the Town Hall.
  • Applicants will need to provide details of:  their aims and purpose; project or activity; proportion/number of beneficiaries living in the electoral area; and demonstrate a clear need for funding.
  • Organisations will be required to provide a copy of their previous year’s accounts or for new initiatives, a budget forecast.
  • All applicants will be contacted within two weeks of the Finance & General Purposes Committee’s decision.

Tree Planting Grants

The Town Council offers grants for tree planting schemes within the parish boundary. Grant applications can be submitted using the same form used for other Town Council grants and can be downloaded above.

If you need advice on the tree planting project you are planning please contact the Town Council. Tree planting grants are not usually offered for replacement planting which is normally regarded as routine maintenance.


Grants are also available from the Corsham Area Board and Community First.