Community Governance Review

Update on the Community Governance Review - January 2017

Wiltshire Council has confirmed the legal Order which means the proposed boundary changes affecting Corsham and Box will come into effect from 1 April 2017. As a consequence, the following will happen over the next few months:

  • The parts of Rudloe Estate which are currently in Corsham will transfer to Box.
  • The remainder of the Town Council's Corsham Rudloe Ward will be known as Corsham West Ward.
  • Land off of Westwells Road, including part of Wadswick Green which transfers from Box to Corsham, will form part of Corsham Neston Ward.
  • The licences for the children's play area and goal posts at Rudloe have been surrendered by Corsham Town Council and will return to Wiltshire Council. Wiltshire Council is hoping that Box Parish Council will enter into a new licence.
  • The Corsham Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area will be amended to reflect the new Corsham Town Council boundary.
There will be no changes to the number of Corsham Town Councillors, which will remain at 20.

Wilthsire Council has calculated the overall impact on the number of Band 'D' equivalent properties in order that the local councils can prepare their 2017/18 budgets.

Community Governance Review - History

Corsham has grown by over 20 percent in the last 10 years and the settlement is due to expand much further in the next decade.

The Town Council is positive about managing development and there is a strong desire for us to take the lead through the Core Strategy, Strategic Plan and Neighbourhood Plan.

It is critical that this growth is sustainable. This means balancing economic, social and environmental considerations. In order to achieve this sustainable growth, the geographical area covered by the Town Council must be critically reviewed.

The Community Governance Review (CGR) is very clearly the most appropriate review mechanism. So, when the opportunity arose in 2013/14 to put forward a case for a Community Governance Review of Corsham, the Town Council was, and still is, very supportive.

The Town Council's documents relating to the process can be found here:

CGR - Revised Plans Dec 14

Further information is available on Wiltshire Council’s website.